Late complication of diaphragmatic injury: Hernia- a report of 4 cases and review of literature

Authors S. Ozdemir, E. S. OziÅŸ, K. Gulpinar, D. Karadag, L. Soylu, A. Korkmaz.


Diaphragmatic injuries mostly occur as a result of high-speed motor vehicle accidents and to less extent after penetrating or non-traumatic causes from the abdomen. Since they are frequently symptom-free it is difficult for clinicians to diagnose. As a consequence, abdominal viscera herniation towards the thoracic cavity, mainly to the left side, may lead both to respiratory insufficiency as well as to the serious late complication of strangulation of the protruded visceral organ. We presented herein four cases of diaphragmatic hernia as a late complication after traumatic diaphragmatic injury; three having a history of blunt thoracic trauma and one after a penetrating injury to the upper abdomen. Diagnostic procedures and treatment are discussed.
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