The Editorial Board of Annals of Gastroenterology wishes to acknowledge the critically important role played by the individuals whose names appear in the following list of reviewers. Without their hard work and promptness, we would be unable to make our decisions as rapidly as we are able to. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to offer them our warm thanks


Reviewers 2010 - 2018

Reviewers 2019 - 2020

Reviewers 2021

Abdelmalek M. (USA)

Achanta C.R. (India)

Aggeletopoulou I. (Greece)

Alexopoulou A. (Greece)

Arvaniti P. (Greece)

Auziemma F. (Italy)

Baicus C. (Romania)

Barbeiro B. (Italy)

Barritt S. (USA)

Bassioukas S. (Greece)

Bechara R. (Canada)

Bellini M. (Italy)

Bennmassaoud A. (Canada)

Binda C. (Italy)

Björnsson Ε. (Iceland)

Bronswijk M. (Belgium)

Bush N. (India)

Cadoni S. (Italy)

Campmans-Kuijpers MJE (The Netherlands)

Caruso A. (Italy)

Chen E. (USA)

Christodoulou D. (Greece)

Dawra S. (India)

De Francesco D. (Italy)

de Santiago E. (Spain)

Deutsch M. (Greece)

Diamantopoulou G. (Greece)

Dias J.A. (Portugal)

Drug V. (Romania)

Duricova D. (Chez Republic)

Ellul P. (Malta)

Emmanouil T. (Greece)

Escher H. (The Netherlands)

Ferini G. (Italy)

Foteinogiannopoulou K. (Greece)

Frias Gomes C. (Portugal)

Fujiyoshi Y. (Japan)

Gabeta S. (Greece)

Gerasimidis K. (UK)

Germansky K. (USA)

Gatopoulou A. (Greece)

Gatta L. (Italy)

Georgiadou S. (Greece)

Gklavas A. (Greece)

Glantzounis G. (Greece)

Golfakis P. (Greece)

Goren I. (Israel)

Grace S. (Philippines)

Gutierrez Janquera C. (Spain)

Haidich B. (Greece)

Halliday N. (UK)

Haraldsson E. (Sweden)

Hedenstrom P. (Sweden)

Hollembach M. (Germany)

Hori T. (Japan)

Hotta K. (Japan)

Hsieh P-H. (Taiwan)

Ierardi E. (Italy)

Iwagami H. (Japan)

Kalafateli M. (Greece)

Kalopitas G. (Greece)

Karagiannakis D. (Greece)

Karatza C. (Greece)

Katsanos K. (Greece)

Kawa C. (Japan)

Kehagias E. (Greece)

Kim S. (USA)

Kolios G. (Greece)

Komeda Y. (Japan)

Kono M. (Japan)

Koureta E. (Greece)

Koumarianou A. (Greece)

Kourikou A. (Greece)

Kykalos S. (Greece)

Kyriakos N. (Greece)

Lashner B. (USA)

Lazaridis N. (Greece)

Lee P. (USA)

Lisotti A. (Italy)

Machaira A. (Greece)

Machairas N. (Greece)

Malandris K. (Greece)

Mangiafico S. (Italy)

Mani I. (Greece)

Manolakis A. (Greece)

Maranki J. (USA)

Markakis G. (Greece)

Mavrogenis G. (Greece)

McCurdy (Canada)

Mela M. (Greece)

Mimidis K. (Greece)

Mitselos I. (Greece)

Molnar M. (USA)

Mouravas V. (Greece)

Mulak A. (Poland)

Nakanishi H. (Japan)

Nielsen K.R. (Faroe Islands)

Oikonomou T. (Greece)

Oliveira E. (Brazil)

Oustamanolakis P. (Greece)

Pagano N. (Italy)

Papadopoulou A. (Greece)

Papadopoulos V. (Greece)

Papaefthymiou A. (Greece)

Papaxoinis K. (Greece)

Parkman H. (USA)

Paschos P. (Greece)

Popescu I. (Romania)

Prenen H. (Belgium)

Pugliese D. (Italy)

Regner S. (Sweden)

Reves J. (Canada)

Rogalidou M. (Greece)

Rokkas Th. (Greece)

Roma-Giannikou E. (Greece)

Saliakelis E. (Greece)

Samonakis D. (Greece)

Satta P. (Italy)

Sevastianos V. (Greece)

Sharma A. (India)

Sharma P. (India)

Shiu S-I. (Taiwan)

Shukla T. (Canada)

Sigounas D. (Greece)

Sioulas A. (Greece)

Skamnelos A. (Greece)

Soulaidopoulos S. (Greece)

Sporea I. (Romania)

Swahn F. (Sweden)

Sweis R. (UK)

Sxina M. (Greece)

Takada K. (Japan)

Tan J. (China)

Tang C.P. (Taiwan)

Tatsioni A. (Greece)

Theodoropoulou A. (Greece)

Theopistos V. (Greece)

Triantafyllou K. (Greece)

Trimponias G. (Greece)

Tseng C.-W.

Tsimbouris P. (Greece)

Tsoukalas N. (Greece)

Tsoukali E. (Greece)

Tsounis E. (Greece)

Uchita K. (Japan)

Ueo T. (Japan)

Ungar B. (Israel)

Vadalà di Prampero SF (Italy)

Vandamme T. (Belgium)

Vanella G. (Italy)

Vaughn B. (USA)

Verstockt B. (Belgium)    

Voiocu A. (Romania)

Voiocu R. (Romania)

Wennerblom J. (Sweden)

Wine E. (Canada)

Wu X. (China)

Zcharopoulou E. (Greece)

Zachou K. (Greece)

Zakeri N. (Canada)

Zevit N. (Israel)

Zoron Cheng Tao Pu L. (Austria)