Confronting gastrocutaneous fistulas

Authors Theodossis S. Papavramidis, Konstantinos Mantzoukis, Nick Michalopoulos.


A gastrocutaneous fistula (GCF) represents a fistula connecting the stomach with the skin. The aim of the present review is to clarify the entity of a GCF and to discuss the various treating strategies employed. In order to elucidate GCFs as an entity etiology was pointed out and relative pathogenetic mechanisms were explored. Moreover, diagnostic modalities are discussed with a special focus on GCFs following bariatric operations. Finally, the treating strategies currently employed when confronting GCFs are presented, as well as their effectiveness.

Keywords fistulas, gastrocutaneous, gastrostomy complications, bariatric complications
Ann Gastroenterol 2011; 24 (1): 16-19