Successful HBsAg clearance without bone marrow transplantation in a patient with B-cell chronic leukemia

Authors K.H. Katsanos, V. Theopistos, D. Christodoulou, E.V. Tsianos.


We report the case of a 55-year-old man diagnosed with Bcell chronic lymphocytic leukemia five years ago and hepatitis B three years ago who succeeded in HBsAg clearance with interferon-a 2a (4.5 MU/ three times a week) followed by lamivudine monotherapy without any kind of transplantation.At the last follow up, the patient showed HBV clearance (HBeAg negative, HBsAb positive, HBcore positive) and undetectable HBV-DNA. This is to the best of our knowledge the first case of a patient with B-cell chronic leukemia and chronic hepatitis B viral infection who succeeded in serum HBV clearance.
Case Reports