Successful Endoscopic Resection of a Large Colonic Lipoma Presenting with Lower Gastro-Intestinal hemorrhage: a case report

Authors S.N. Sgouros, J. Giannousis, N. Kotsikoros, J. Kapoglou, C. Christodoulou, A. Kordelas, G. Stefanidis.


Colonic lipomas are rare benign tumors that are usually asymptomatic.Herein we present a case of a large (max diameter 42 mm) pedunculated lipoma in the ascending colon causing massive lower gastrointestinal bleeding. Previous reports indicate that surgical intervention is preferable in cases presenting with severe symptoms such as obstruction or hemorrhage. In our case, endoscopic snare resection was performed after endoclipping the pedicle without immediate or delayed complications. A further evaluation of endoscopic therapy for colonic lipomas is warranted to assess both efficacy and complications.
Case Reports