Five years missed small jejunal stromal tumor (GIST) causing recurrent episodes of bleeding: Successful diagnosis by capsule endoscopy

Authors K. Soufleris, G. Chatzimavroudis, J. Pilpilidis, G. Lazaraki, C. Zavos, K. Fasoulas, G. Paroutoglou, J. Kountouras, P. Katsinelos.


A case of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding of a 65-year old woman is presented in a way that illustrates the increasing importance of capsule endoscopy in the field of small bowel stromal tumors. The successful use of capsule endoscopy in this specific clinical context helps to portray an emerging role for capsule endoscopy as part of a new aggressive management strategy of small intestinal GISTs without the pitfalls of overdiagnosis or overtreatment.
Case Reports