Predictors of leaving against medical advice in patients with alcohol-related hepatitis

Authors Aalam Sohal, Hunza Chaudhry, Kanwal Bains, Armaan Dhaliwal, Raghav Sharma, Gagan Gupta, Piyush Singla, Dino Dukovic, Sunny Sandhu, Marina Roytman.


Background Alcohol-related hepatitis is one of the most severe manifestations of alcohol-related liver disease and has been associated with significant morbidity, mortality and financial burden. Patients with alcohol use disorders are at risk of leaving against medical advice (LAMA); however, there is currently a lack of data in the literature to show which patients are at higher risk. In this study, we investigated the specific demographic factors and comorbidities associated with LAMA.

Methods Patients with a primary or secondary discharge diagnosis of alcohol-related hepatitis (ICD10-CM codes K70.4 and K70.1) between January 2016 and December 2019 were included in this study. Demographics, comorbidities, complications and interventions were studied in for patients who LAMA. Multivariate analysis was conducted to elucidate factors contributing to the increased risk of alcohol-related hepatitis.

Results A total of 538,750 patients were admitted with a diagnosis of alcohol-related hepatitis. Of these, 31,500 (5.84%) patients LAMA. Older age, Hispanic race, private insurance, and higher income status were associated with a lower risk of LAMA, while younger age, African American race, lack of insurance and being in the lowest income quartile were associated with the highest risk.

Conclusions Our findings demonstrated that significant differences exist between patients with alcohol-related hepatitis who LAMA and those who remain hospitalized until discharge. We believe that this study will help healthcare providers identify patients at risk of LAMA, and help promote the targeted education of specific subgroups to improve their understanding of their disease state and decrease adverse events.

Keywords Alcohol-related liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, National Inpatient Sample, leaving against medical advice, hepatitis

Ann Gastroenterol 2022; 35 (5): 541-546

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