Surgical management of non-parasitic cystic disease of the liver.A single center’s experience

Authors Atmatzidis K., Pavlidis Th., Lazaridis Ch., Makris J., Papaziogas Th..


Non-parasitic cysts of the liver, although a rather rare and
asymptomatic condition, often require curative intervention,
and their management concentrates a great surgical
interest. Over the last 30-year period 25 such patients (21
cases with solitary cyst and 4 cases with multiple cysts)
were managed by open operation. Total excision of the solitary
cyst was possible in only 3 suitable cases, while the
fenestration technique was performed in the remaining 18
cases. In 6 cases with large lesions, the residual cavity was
filled by omentum placement. The short- and long-term
results were satisfactory in all but two cases with recurrence,
in which re-operation was necessary. Thus, the fenestration
is considered a reasonable approach for the management
of such cysts.
Key words: Liver cysts, congenital cysts, simple cysts, benign
hepatic cysts, non-parasitic cysts, cystic liver disease
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