Metastasis of ulcerative colitis in peristomal skin-an extremely rare case

Authors I. Ahmed, T. Wardle, I. Javed.


Extra-intestinal complications affect 20-30% of patients
with Ulcerative Colitis and contribute significantly to morbidity
and mortality. While some disorders parallel the activity
of the colitis, other abnormalities run a clinical course
independent of the bowel disease. Cutaneous manifestations
are well-recognized complications, the incidence of which
varies widely but, at the time of diagnosis, the mean incidence
is around 10%.1-2 We present a very unusual case
in which the skin around Ileostomy stoma showed features
of active ulcerative colitis many years after having proctocolectomy.
Key-words: Cutaneus manifestations, Ulcerative Colitis, Inflammatory
bowel disease, Proctocolectomy
Case Reports