Endoscopic removal of esophageal expandable metal stents:is it really feasible?

Authors N Viazis, A Saveriadis, K Vassiliadis, D. G. Karamanolis.


A self expandable metal stent was placed in a patient with
corrosive esophageal stricture as a temporary measure so
that he could be fed until the time he would be operated. One
month later the stent was already embedded in the esophageal
wall and could not be removed. Despite some reports
suggesting that endoscopic removal of esophageal metal
stents is feasible, our case indicates that they should rather
be considered as irretrievable and should be generally avoided
in cases of benign esophageal stenoses.
Key words: benign esophageal stricture; expandable metal
stent; endoscopic removal
Case Reports