Comparison of two cathartic preparations, peg-electrolytes solution and sodium phosphate salts, as means for large bowel preparation for colonoscopy

Authors N. Antonakopoulos, I. Kyrlagkitsis, V. Xourgias, D.G. Karamanolis.


The ideal bowel preparation for colonoscopy must combine
the characteristics of effectiveness with the least side effects.
We compared the relatively novel cathartic preparation of
sodium phosphate salts (Fleet Phospho-sodaR) with the
widely used PEG-electrolytes solution (Klean-prepR). Fiftytwo
consecutive patients referred for colonoscopy were
randomised to receive either sodium phospate salts or PEG
electrolytes. The evaluation of the two preparations was
based on two separate questionnaires, one completed by the
endoscopist who ignored the kind of bowel preparation used
and the other by the patient. Bowel preparation with sodium
phospate salts was more effective in bowel cleansing and
better tolerated than PEG-electrolytes solution in terms of
difficulty in intake and swallowing, fatigue, the presence of
colicky abdominal pain, flatulence, vomiting and perianal
irritation (p<0,05).
Key words: cathartic preparation, PEG-electrolytes, sodium
phosphate salts
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