Isolated Gastric Varices Resulting from Splenic Vein Thrombosis due to Inherited Thrombophilia: Report of a Case

Authors V. Valatas1, V. Balatsos1, V. Delis1, A. Hatzinikolaou1, E. Felekouras2, N. Skandalis1.


Isolated gastric varices mainly occur in individuals with
segmental sinistral portal hypertension, arising from pathology
of the splenic vein, such as thrombosis or stenosis.
We present a patient with acute upper gastrointestinal
bleeding from isolated gastric varices in the absence of liver
or pancreatic pathology. PHT was caused by thrombosis
of the splenic vein due to a hereditary coagulation disorder.
His condition was attributed to Leiden thrombophilia
combined with increased plasma levels of factor VIII. Initial
and subsequent management are presented.
Key Words: Isolated gastric varices, Leiden thrombophilia,
Factor VIII, Injection sclerotherapy, Sugiura procedure
Case Reports