A nationwide survey of training satisfaction and employment prospects among Greek gastroenterology fellows during the economic recession

Authors Paraskevas Gkolfakis, Georgios Tziatzios, Vasilios Papadopoulos, George D. Dimitriadis, Sotirios D. Georgopoulos, Konstantinos Triantafyllou.


Background This study assessed Greek gastroenterology fellows' satisfaction regarding training, working conditions, quality of life and future employment perspectives.

Methods Greek gastroenterology fellows completed an anonymous multiple-choice electronic questionnaire designed to rate their satisfaction using a five-step Likert scale in two major domains: 1) fellowship program (training, working conditions, research activity, acquisition of endoscopic competencies, quality of life); and 2) professional expectations. Pareto analysis was used to determine the factors that had the most negative effect on fellows' satisfaction.

Results In 2016, over a two-month period, 121 invitations were distributed and 70 (58%) fellows responded. Overall, responders reported a low level of satisfaction with their training programs: the mean total satisfaction score was 42.94±11.55 (range 15-75). Pareto analysis revealed that the main factors negatively aff ecting satisfaction were financial remuneration, routine or menial work, and uncertainty about professional future (98.6%, 94.3% and 92.9% unfavorable answers, respectively). Of the total participants, 53% felt tired or very tired and 44.3% of them reported high levels of stress following a normal working day. Although the majority of the fellows did not regret choosing gastroenterology fellowship training, 34.4% of them would choose a different training environment, if possible.

Conclusion Our study revealed that Greek gastroenterology fellows are dissatisfi ed with their training programs and with their professional perspectives. It also detected the issues that contribute most to this unfavorable outcome.

Keywords Fellows, satisfaction, gastroenterology

Ann Gastroenterol 2017; 30 (2): 242-249

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