Pointing towards colonoscopy: sharp foreign body removal via colonoscopy

Authors Melissa Hershman, Steven Shamah, Prashant Mudireddy, Michael Glick.


Removal of sharp foreign bodies via upper endoscopy is common; however, management in the setting of distal migration is not well-documented. We report two cases of objects beyond the ligament of Treitz, including successful extraction of a 4.4 cm sewing pin from the cecum using hot biopsy forceps with a protector hood to shield colonic mucosa, and in a separate case, a 3.4 cm glass shard from the ascending colon using a Roth Net retriever. We demonstrate that monitoring with serial radiographs and examination may allow for supervised passage of sharp objects into the colon, where removal can be performed safely via colonoscopy.

Keywords Sharp objects, foreign body, colonoscopy

Ann Gastroenterol 2017; 30 (2 ): 254-256

Case Report