The incidence of primary appendiceal adenocarcinoma in Western Greece (prefecture of Aitoloakarnania): 13 years study of appendicectomy specimens

Authors A.C. Datsis, E. Katsiki, A. Rogdakis, C. Agelakis, P. Morfaki,, S. Kekelos, E. Lambropoulou, Stavropoulos, J. Spiliotis.


Aim of the study: The primary adenocarcinoma of the
appendix is a rare tumor. We describe three cases and
register the tumors annual incidence in our state.
Methodology: We studied 3596 appendicectomy specimens
(1/1/1990 31/12/2002) from the two hospitals of the
prefecture of Aitoloakarnania (Western Greece).
Results: We diagnosed 3 cases of the tumor (percentage
0.08%). The annual icidence in our state is 0.115 cases/
100.000 persons/year (the estimated annual incidence for
the total population of Greece is 11,5 cases/year). The mean
age of our patients was 66.3 years. The preoperative
diagnosis was acute appendicitis in two and caecum tumor
in the other. In all, the definitive operation was a right
hemicolectomy. Two patients had Dukes B tumors and the
other, who died 15 days postoperatively, Dukes C. The two
living patients are healthy without tumor reccurence, 15 and
60 months postoperatively.
Conclusion: The primary adenocarcinoma of the appendix:
a. is very rare , b. affects both sexes in the fifth to sixth
decade of their life, c. is diagnosed preoperatively with
extreme difficulty, d. frequently gives ovarian metastases
and coexists with other primary malignancy, and e. has better prognosis after right hemicolectomy. In our state
(prefecture of Aitoloakarnania) we have registered very low
rates of primary appendiceal adenocarcinoma (0.08%
among appendicectomy specimens) and a very low annual
incidence (0.115 cases/100.000 persons/year).
Key words: primary appendiceal adenocarcinoma, appendicectomy,
right hemicolectomy
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