Use of biologics and chemotherapy in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases and cancer

Authors Aranzazu Jauregui-Amezaga, Séverine Vermeire, Hans Prenen.


Patients with inflammatory bowel disease have an additional risk of developing cancer compared with the general population. This is due to local chronic inflammation that leads to the development of gastrointestinal cancers and the use of thiopurines, associated with a higher risk of lymphoproliferative disorders, skin cancers, or uterine cervical cancers. Similar to the general population, a previous history of cancer in inflammatory bowel disease patients increases the risk of developing a secondary cancer. Large studies have not shown an increased risk of cancer in patients treated with biologics. In this review we discuss the prevention and treatment of cancer in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Keywords Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, anti-TNF, chemotherapy, cancer

Ann Gastroenterol 2016; 29 (2): 127-136


Invited Reviews