Rare benign tumours of the small intestine presened as acute abdomen in childhood

Authors B. Kasselas, M. Papoutsakis, Ch.Chaidos, Ch. Kasselas, G. Tsikopoulos, M. Agelidou, G.Papouis,Th. Karagiozoglou.


Benign tumours of the small intestine in children although
rare, may represent an additional cause of acute abdomen
symptoms that the gastroenterologist, the paediatrician and
the surgeon must keep in mind in order to proceed to
accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Three cases
of benign tumours of the small intestine, histologically
diagnosed as leiomyoma, fibroma and hamartoma., are
presented, and the literature is revised emphasizing issues
of pathophysiology, specific characteristics and the
treatment of these tumours.
Key words: Benign tumours, small intestine, acute abdomen,
Case Reports