Enteroscopic appearance of vasculitis presented with melena and signs of nephrotic syndrome

Authors G. Kouklakis, J. Kountouras, J. Moschos, P. Zezos, D. Chatzopoulos, C. Zavos, A. Kaltsas,E. Molyvas.


A 69 year-old man was admitted to our hospital with melena,
and clinical signs of nephrotic syndrome. The site
hemorrhage was not revealed by upper gastrointestinal (GI)
endoscopy and colonoscopy. Combined surgical and
enteroscopic interventions were employed to investigate the
small intestine and the bleeding was located in the ileum,
part of which was resected and examined histologically.
Histology showed the presence of vasculitis. The literature
of such systemic causes of gastrointestinal bleeding
Key words: vasculitis, melena, nephrotic syndrome,
endoscopy, enteroscopy, Commercial interests & grant
support: None
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