Adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer: a consensus statement of the Hellenic and Cypriot Colorectal Cancer Study Group by the HeSMO

Authors Panteleimon Kountourakis, John Souglakos, Nikolaos Gouvas, Nikolaos Androulakis, Athanasios Athanasiadis, Ioannis Boukovinas, Christos Christodoulou, Evangelia Chrysou, Christos Dervenis, Christos Emmanouilidis, Panagiotis Georgiou, Niki Karachaliou, Ourania Katopodi, Thomas Makatsoris, Pavlos Papakostas, Georgios Pentheroudakis, Ioannis Pilpilidis, Joseph Sgouros, Paris Tekkis, Charina Triantopoulou, Maria Tzardi, Vassilios Vassiliou, Louiza Vini, Spyridon Xynogalos, Evaghelos Xynos, Nikolaos Ziras, Demetris Papamichael.


Colorectal cancer remains a major cause of cancer mortality in the Western world both in men and women. In this manuscript a concise overview and recommendations on adjuvant chemotherapy in colon cancer are presented. An executive team from the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology was assigned to develop a consensus statement and guidelines on the adjuvant treatment of colon cancer. Fourteen statements on adjuvant treatment were subjected to the Delphi methodology. Voting experts were 68. All statements achieved a rate of consensus above than 80%  (>87%) and none revised and entered to a second round of voting. Th ree and 8 of them achieved a 100 and an over than 90% consensus, respectively. Th ese statements describe evaluations of therapies in clinical practice. Th ey could be considered as general guidelines based on best available evidence for assistance in treatment decision-making. Furthermore, they serve to identify questions and targets for further research and the settings in which investigational therapy could be considered.

Keywords Colon cancer, adjuvant chemotherapy, guidelines, Hellas, Cyprus

Ann Gastroenterol 2016; 29 (1): 18-23

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