Synchronous Adenocarcinomas of the small (Jejunum) and large (Transverse and Sigmoid Colon) bowel. A Case Study

Authors V. Penopoulos, N.Gougoulias, J. Walonga, G. Christianopoulos,, K. Pistevou-Gobaki, G. Kokozidis, G. Kitis.


A case of synchronous primary adenocarcinomas of the
small and large bowel in a patient, thoroughly investigated
for abdominal discomfort, is presented. Primary tumors of
the small bowel are rare, and the diagnosis of primary adenocarcinoma
of the small bowel in the presence of primary
adenocarcinomas of the large bowel requires a high degree
of suspicion and may well modify the prognostic outcome
if detected early.
Key Words: synchronous, adenocarcinoma, large bowel ,
small bowel, diagnosis, treatment.
Case Reports