Infective endocarditis and infected aneurysm of splenic artery post colonoscopy

Authors Yeng Kwang Tay, Jia Yin Tay, Niyaz Naqash, Paul Cashin.


Colonoscopy, a relatively non-invasive procedure, has been associated with several complications including perforation, hemorrhage and abdominal pain. Post-colonoscopy bacteremia can occur up to 4.4% of the time but is almost always transient without significant clinical sequelae. Post-colonoscopy infective endocarditis, on the other hand, is a rare occurrence associated with high rates of mortality and morbidity, and may be further complicated by aneurysm of splenic artery. Current definitive treatment of infected aneurysm is surgical ligation and excision with or without vascular anastomosis. If surgery is contraindicated, endovascular graft and transcatheter embolization may be the preferred treatment options. This is a case report of infective endocarditis and infected aneurysm of splenic artery presenting two weeks after elective colonoscopy.

Keywords Sepsis post colonoscopy, infective endocarditis, infected aneurysm of splenic artery,
mycotic splenic aneurysm

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