Intramural hematoma of the esophagus mimicking hemorrhaging esophageal cancer

Authors Yeng Kwang Tay, Jia Yin Tay, Lachlan Dandie, John Gribbin.


Intramural hematoma of the esophagus (IHE) is an uncommon esophageal injury. Diagnosis requires high index of suspicion as it can mimic various other cardiovascular, pulmonary, mediastinal or esophageal diseases. Although multiple imaging modalities have been reported to be useful, CT with intravenous contrast should be the imaging modality of choice if not contraindicated. Treatment of IHE is mainly supportive; complete resolution in several weeks is the expected outcome. It is crucial that this condition is recognized and considered in the differential diagnosis of any patients who present with chest pain or dysphagia.

Keywords Intramural hematoma of esophagus, esophageal apoplexy, esophageal dissection

Case Reports