Retropneumoperitoneum with pneumoperitoneum after rectal perforation resulting from endoscopic polypectomy. A case report

Authors Mallas E., Zissis M., Vaos N., Samanidis L., Polydorou A., Trakadas S., Papadimitriou J..


A case of simultaneous retropneumoperitoneum and pneumoperitoneum
resulting from an endoscopic polypectomy
of a sessile polyp has been reported. According to the current
data, we consider that the cause of the above rare clinical
picture was the perforation of the extraperitoneal part
of the rectum and leakage of air into retroperitoneal space.
From there, the air found access to the peritoneal space
following the mesocolons blood vessels, through a microrupture
of the bowels serosa or of the posterior peritoneum.
These microperforations could not be detected during
the laparotomy.
Key words: Pneumoperitoneum, retropneumoperitoneum,
endoscopic polypectomy
Case Reports