Jodhpur disease revisited: a rare cause of severe protein energy malnutrition

Authors Mukul Aggarwal, Vikrant Sood, Abhishek Kumar, Kumar Saurabh.


A 3.5-year-old grossly cachectic female child presenting with recurrent vomiting, fever,
abdominal distention, abdominal pain and severe weight loss was evaluated for the cause of
severe protein energy malnutrition. Investigation revealed a massively dilated stomach with
delayed gastric emptying and normal pylorus. On exploratory laparotomy, diagnosis of primary
acquired gastric outlet obstruction (Jodhpur disease) was confirmed and she underwent
pyloroplasty with uneventful post-operative period. To conclude, this entity should always be
included in the differential diagnosis of gastric outlet obstruction with severe malnutrition
especially in older children.

Keywords Jodhpur disease, protein energy malnutrition, gastric outlet obstruction

Ann Gastroenterol 2012; 25 (2): 262-264

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